Private Music Lessons: Music lessons at Central Iowa Music Lab (CIML) are in session year round. Lessons are available to all ages and levels, and no prior experience or auditions are required. Instruction is available for virtually any musical instrument or voice as well as classes in music theory, songwriting, and more.  To inquire about a specific area of instruction, please contact us at centraliowamusiclab@gmail.com or 515-778-1507.

Missed Lessons/Absences: When a lesson is missed due to an instructor’s absence, the student is scheduled for a make-up lesson; the student will be credited $20.00 per lesson if a make-up lesson cannot be scheduled due to the instructor’s absence. The instructor may also have a substitute in his or her place so that the students can maintain a steady learning schedule.  If the missed lesson is due to the student’s absence, a make-up lesson is given at the teacher’s discretion; due to the high volume of students, a make-up lesson is a possibility, but not to be expected. No make-up lessons will be given without 24 hours advance notice of an absence. As a courtesy, please notify the instructor in advance of any absence.

Lesson Cancellation: A 30-day notice must be given by the student (or parent of student) to the instructor when discontinuing lessons at CIML.

Leaves of Absence: In the case of an emergency, a leave of absence may be granted. If approved, credit may be given for the missed lessons. Students must notify the instructor at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled lesson for a credit to be considered.

Special Needs: If you or your child have any special needs, please contact CIML. We are committed to accommodating differences so that the arts are accessible to all in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a semester and when will it begin?

The Fall 2016 semester will begin on Sunday, August 28th and conclude on Friday, December 23rd.  The Holiday Recital will take place on Sunday, December 18th.

How does the semester format work ?

Each CIML semester will run alongside a schedule relative to the Des Moines Public Schools calendar.  There will be no lessons on: Labor Day, Thanksgiving (and Black Friday,) Holiday Break, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Spring Break, and Memorial Day.  Students whose lessons fall on these days will not be charged for those missed days.

Does this mean you no longer offer monthly lessons?

We no longer offer month-to-month lessons, but a student can still sign up for a semester at anytime and tuition will be pro-rated.

How do you handle missed lessons or student absences?

There are three weeks built into the Fall semester as “makeup” weeks.  This is in the event of illness, family situations, etc.

Can a student discontinue lessons mid-semester?

Though a student may choose to discontinue lessons at any time, tuition for a full semester is non-refundable.

How do I register for semester activities?

Visit our website at http://centraliowamusiclab.com/pages/REGISTER!! to enroll. An instructor from CIML will then contact you to confirm your lesson schedule

What constitutes a semester activity?

  • 30 minute private lessons, once per week
  • 60 minute private lessons, once every other week
  • 60 minute group lessons (Rock Band or group instrument)
  • 60 minute lessons once per week

Do I have to re-register every time a new semester begins?

You only need to enroll in the Fall.  The student will stay enrolled for the remainder of the lesson year unless notified otherwise.  There is also a $20.00 registration fee per year.

What is the tuition fee per activity per semester?

  • The Fall Semester will account for 15 weeks of lessons in an 18-week period.  $390.00 per activity per semester.
  • Winter/Spring 2016 semester will account for 18 lessons in a 20-week period (Jan. 8th-May 27st) and will be $468.00.
  • A 5% total discount will be given for the following: a) lessons taken between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M., Monday-Friday;  b) multiple lessons or activities taken within the same family; c) a full semester payment made (cash or check ONLY) at the beginning of each semester.

How do I make payment for tuition?

Tuition can be paid for three different ways:

-cash or check (only when paying for an entire semester in one payment)

-Automatic debit form (charged between the 1st and 10th of each month.  A $10.00 fee will be added for declined card payments.)

-Dwolla (www.dwolla.com)

-the app Venmo

Will there be an opportunity for students to perform if they enroll for a semester?

Yes. It is expected that each school-age student will perform at least once, either in a recital or as part of a Rock Band class. The instructors of CIML have benefited greatly from the live performance experience and we want the same opportunity for our students.

How will the new semester format affect Rock Band classes?

Rock Band classes will also be semester based. Participating students will perform 2 concerts during the semester.